Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-03-09

  • Has ‘cloud computing’ lost its VC luster?
    I’ve had a few discussions with venture capitalists of late regarding the assignment of the “cloud” label to start-ups pitching everything from hardware to–believe it or not–downloadable software clients. It seems that just about every pitch these days is for “cloud computing,” and the folks with the money are getting a little weary of it.
  • The Most Successful College Dropouts: Larry Ellison
    Larry Ellison, the Oracle man is another billionaire college dropout. We cover Bill Gates last week who’s the founder of Microsoft. Like Gates, Larry also dropped also dropped out of college. Larry who’s the co-founder and CEO of Oracle, a software giant. Ellison is the 3rd richest American who’s worth $27 billion and listed on Forbes list of billionaires as the #14 richest person in the world as of August 29, 2008.
  • Microsoft Changes Controversial SaaS Billing Policies
    Microsoft in July unveiled its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) at its Worldwide Partner Conference and said VARs would receive 12 percent of the first year’s subscription value and 6 percent of the ongoing annual service fees from reselling the suite. BPOS bundles hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server, and LiveMeeting and costs $15 per user per month. But with BPOS, Microsoft also revealed its intention to take control of the billing relationship, a prospect that was upsetting to many solution providers. That’s why Day’s revelation at XChange will help smooth ruffled feathers within the Microsoft channel. Speaking at XChange Solution Provider ’09 in New Orleans, Day said Microsoft has heard the issue “loud and clear” from partners, and the change will take effect “in the coming months.” Microsoft also envisions channel opportunities in integrating customizing and providing ongoing support for the services, he added.
  • Oracle reaches for Virtual Iron
    It appears that Oracle has signed a letter of intent to purchase the company. That seems curious as Oracle already has a virtualisation technology, called Oracle VM, also based on the open source Xen platfiorm, which it describes as “server virtualization software that fully supports both Oracle and non-Oracle applications, and is three times more efficient than other server virtualization products.”
  • Infor introduces new Web 2.0 user interface for applications
    According to the company, for no additional charge, customers of Infor ERP Adage 5.0 or higher with active maintenance plans are able to take advantage of Infor MyDay. Infor ERP Adage is an ERP solution for process manufacturers. More intelligent than a dashboard, Infor MyDay delivers real-time, critical business information to business users in a single interface on their desktops, enabling them to spend more time acting on information instead of gathering it, according to Infor. Infor MyDay capabilities include predefined reports and graphic representations of key performance indicators, delivered in a personalized format based on specific functions in key business areas such as purchasing, sourcing, processing, accounting, and accounts payable. Based on in-depth research into the roles and working life of real users, Infor MyDay presents content from Infor applications in a personalized format, allowing users to drill-down to underlying transactional data and make sound decisions t
  • Hopes for Deals Within Tech Sector Get Dimmer
    WHEN WILL CASH-RICH TECH GIANTS START SHOPPING FOR TAKEOVERS? Answer: a little later than originally thought. Big-capitalization technology companies have yet to indulge in one of the greatest buying opportunities in the history of Silicon Valley. There had been optimism that the sector could see a lot of deals by the second half of this year. That still could happen, but is becoming increasingly less likely. At a minimum, the deal flow will be less robust than once hoped.

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