Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-03-05

  • Google on giving: What’s in it for me?
    Google‘s philanthropic arm, Google.org, has made more than $100 million in do-gooder investments. But now it appears that the company may be abandoing philanthropy for its own sake. It is turning instead to an approach in which non-profit groups only get cash if they are in some way aligned with projects already underway at Google. That’s bad news for philanthropy.
  • IBM Adds Informix Data Warehouse Feature to Bolster Database Software
    IBM is offering its Informix customers new capabilities to ease the design and deployment of Informix in the data warehouse with visual modeling. While IBM competes in the data warehousing space against companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Sybase, this move is seen more as an enhancement for existing Informix customers, many of which are already using Informix to meet their data warehousing needs.
  • Big opportunity for system integrators
    As slowdown forces firms to optimise resources, a multi-billion dollar opportunity is staring at information technology (IT) system integrators, who can bring greater efficiencies to the way IT is deployed by companies. System integration is the process of connecting different kinds of software to a firm’s main business application to integrate data from various departments. For example, a website that allows clients to carry out transactions with a company and obtain information about it integrates a customer relationship management (CRM) software with the firm’s core business application.
  • Oracle is late to the social party and is wearing the same dress as Sun’s MySQL
    Oracle’s late entry into social network oriented development indicates two things: 1) Oracle is seeing MySQL in all the wrong places: the enterprise 2) Oracle is struggling to catch up with the world outside the enterprise silo
  • NetSuite Tries To Lure Sage Customers To SaaS
    NetSuite has gotten some fire in its belly lately. Today it offered Sage Group customers 50% off the first year of a SaaS subscription, and 100 hours of free professional services, if they sign up by June 30, calling it the “Sage Switch” program. This follows a program for SAP R/3 customers that it calls “Business ByNetSuite,” a jab at SAP’s idled Business ByDesign ERP SaaS.
  • Oracle: Street Pounds The Table, But Cuts Numbers
    On the one hand, analysts continue to love the stock, which is widely considered a relative safe haven from the economic nightmare we’re now living through. The basic theory, as nicely laid out by my colleague Tiernan Ray earlier this week, is that the company is partially protected by its big maintenance revenue stream. But on the other hand, with the company due to report results for the February quarter on March 18, the analysts, bullish though they may be, are bringing down estimates to reflect the weak economy and what is expected to be a big hit from currency factors.

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