Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-03-01 (part 2)

  • Salesforce.com Shuts Down the Skeptics
    Perpetual skeptics still have ample grounds to worry about salesforce.com. For one thing, the new guidance suggests that while sales will grow in 2009, the pace of that growth continues to slow. In fact, the midpoint of guidance (22%) suggests we could see last year’s growth rate cut in half. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if profitability was keeping up. But here’s the thing: Accounting profits may still be growing by leaps and bounds — up more than 130% in 2008, and up 56% more next year, if all goes according to plan. But cash flows are another story entirely. Despite the rapid ramp in revenue, salesforce.com grew free cash flow a bare 5% last year, to about $168.6 million. Granted, this makes for an enterprise value-to-FCF ratio of only 17, but we need to see something better than single-digit growth in cash flow to merit that multiple.
  • Satyam sale process this week
    The process to sell Satyam Computer Services is expected to formally begin this week. The bid-pack for potential investors is ready and the government-appointed board has already sent it to the Company Law Board (CLB) and Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi), according to sources close to the development.
  • bencher – a benchmarking utility for MySQL Cluster
    bencher is a test program that allows you to benchmark requests on MySQL Cluster. I have used this utility a lot of customers, because it lets me: * specify a simple query that I want to benchmark on the command line * implement more complex use cases. * implement NDBAPI requests
  • CeBIT aims to entice cash-strapped consumers during recession
    EUROPE’S biggest technology fair CeBIT will this year try to woo customers with cheap software designed to cope with a global recession, while itself struggling to retain exhibitors.

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