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Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-02-20

  • Obama Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Hundreds Of Millions
    And, thanks to the stimulus bill President Obama signed this week, he’s also about to be as much as a billion dollars richer.
  • Feds Bust Nationwide H-1B Visa Scam
    In some cases, according to the charges, the H-1B workers have been placed in jobs and locations not previously certified by the Department of Labor, replacing qualified American workers and violating prevailing wage laws. The companies and foreign workers have allegedly submitted false statements and documents in support of their visa petitions.
  • IT Salaries May See Modest Growth
    “IT workers who have jobs should feel relatively secure and anticipate pay raises in the area of 2% to 3% this year,” says Director of Research John Longwell of Computer Economics. “Experienced developers and managers will do better than operations and network support staff. There will be layoffs, but in relative terms, IT workers should fare better than many workers.”
  • Could the Recession Be Good for Enterprise Software?
    “It’s not like Johnson & Johnson is going to crush Colgate because they’ve got better e-mail,” he said.
  • With less code, Ariba says it can build richer apps
    It might have been 10 years in the making, but business management software company Ariba has released an open-source Web application development framework that attempts to build richer applications with less code. AribaWeb, released today, was an internal user interface framework that the company has used since 1999. AribaWeb is now available under an Apache license.
  • Ariba Open Sources Killer Framework for Web App Development
    AribaWeb enables the creation of rich, highly interactive business applications with far less coding effort than alternative web application development frameworks. Among the key attributes that set AribaWeb apart: Auto AJAX …“But implementing AJAX typically involves the extensive (and expensive) hand-coding of brittle client-side JavaScript code. With its Auto AJAX technology, AribaWeb completely changes the game and dramatically alters the cost equation – AJAX user interfaces are produced automatically, without requiring the application developer to perform any client-side scripting.” Instant App … Live Edit & X-Ray … Proven Full Stack … Availability Version 5 of AribaWeb is available for immediate download, under the terms of the Apache Open Source License v2, from the project website: http://aribaweb.org.
  • Ariba sees goodwill in AribaWeb open source release
    Ariba said today it is releasing its AribaWeb RIA development framework under Version 2.0 of the Apache license. Ariba calls itself a “spend management” company, selling software that helps companies manage their expenses and supplier relationships. It developed AribaWeb over the years for its own use, and hopes taking it open source will improve the code. CTO Bhaskar Himatsingka told ZDNet “we don’t have any plans to leverage it” as a profit center. AribaWeb features AutoAJAX, which produces interfaces automatically, InstantApp technology so users don’t have to maintain their own interface code, Live Edit & X-Ray so developers can see how code works as it runs, and a full stack for developing business database applications.
  • Recruiting programs, economy have lessened SAP skills shortage, SAP says
    SAP says it now has enough skilled professionals to handle the demand for its products, less than a year after the vendor said it was combating a massive SAP skills shortage. Programs designed to alleviate the shortage, such as reaching out to its partners to recruit people, have enabled SAP to add 27,300 skilled professionals in the last year, the company said. In May, SAP said it needed another 30,000 people to implement and manage its products. With the exception of emerging markets in the Middle East and Latin America, the economy is keeping the demand for SAP professionals flat. SAP will now shift its focus from quantity to quality — increasing the SAP skills of that workforce in order to deliver a higher level of service to its customers, the vendor said. It will accomplish this in large part by pushing its SAP certification program.
  • SAP snags Coghead
    SAP has acquired the assets of Coghead minus any of its customers following Coghead’s demise. As Rafe Needleman says over at CNet, this paves the way for others to swoop in and sweep up stranded customers although there is some doubt whether this will work. I received a ’safe harbor’ email from Caspio and Intuit are named as the other contender for Coghead’s customer base. Where there is some confusion is in the background and explanation to SAP’s acquisition.
  • Run Data Centers Hotter, Say IT Giants
    Microsoft, Oracle and Intel all agree — data centers can run hotter than most people think they can. And that means that using outside air to cool them isn’t as crazy an idea as it used to seem, representatives from the three IT giants said Thursday at the Teledata Technology Convergence Conference in Santa Clara. … The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) did raise its temperature guidelines for data center equipment last year, giving servers a temperature range of up to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than the 77 degrees it had set in 2004. … Raising the acceptable temperatures inside data centers opens up the possibility of “air economization” — in other words, using outside air without air conditioning.
  • Introduction to New SQL Server Data Services
    SQL Services are the data services tier of the Azure Services Platform. They are built on Microsoft SQL Server foundation, with broad data platform capabilities as a service such as friction-free provisioning and scaling; and significant investments in scale, high availability, lights-out operation, and total cost of ownership. At this stage of the Beta programme, only the database and Data Sync functions are offered.

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