Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-02-18

  • With a King’s Ransom in Cash, Why Is There Still No Buying Spree in the Tech Space Yet?
    Even in the midst of the economic meltdown, consider these mega-billion-dollar cash hordes of big tech companies: Microsoft (MSFT): $20.7 billion Cisco (CSCO): $29.5 billion Apple (AAPL): $25.6 billion Intel (INTC): $11.8 billion Oracle (ORCL): $10.6 billion … “Like everyone else, we are waiting for the bottom,” said the exec. “So who knows?” Said another: “No one wants to buy when prices could just keep going down. The trick is to buy before the really great deals out there collapse.” … “We will start eating our toner and paper first,” joked one start-up exec, whose company is increasingly strapped for cash, even after a number of cost-cutting moves. Interestingly, the only stand-out in the buying game has been Oracle, which has made 10 acquisitions for about $750 million in the last year, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal today, in a bargain-hunting mode.
  • Oracle releases virtual appliances (AMI’s) on Amazon’s EC2
    Oracle Corporation has delivered a set of free Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), to make it easy for customers to get started deploying Oracle solutions on Amazon EC2. The following appliances are built on Oracle Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 2 as the base OS:
  • The client-server model: Not dead yet
    Of course, SAP and others have one big reason to keep the client-server model alive: profits. Oracle’s profit margin is a tidy 25%, while Salesforce had margins of about 4% in its most recently reported quarter. Perhaps that helps explain why the software-as-a-service crowd is quietly embracing the client-server model. Google has been making a push onto the desktop with offline versions of its e-mail and calendar. And after online outages in December and January, more businesses are looking at installing desktop clients to manage their customers. One of the vendors offering the “offline” software? None other than Salesforce.com.
  • Open offer buzz lifts Oracle Financial
    What is cooking at the Oracle Financial Services counter? The stock has been defying the downtrend in the IT sector as well as in the broader market. On Tuesday, the stock gained nearly 4% to close at Rs 701, supported by good volumes. Buzz that the parent company is likely to make an open offer for Rs 1,000 per share has been getting louder in the past few days.
  • CEO Wealth: Ellison loses a billion, but whatever
    How bad is the current down market for tech’s top titans? SFGate’s Tech CEO Wealthometer reports that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison‘s worth is off $996 million from yesterday, thanks to a 4% drop in Oracle shares.
  • Oracle New Release Helps Firms Comply With Basel II
    Oracle released two new integrated products to help financial institutions comply with Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) requirements under the Basel II accord. The purpose of Basel II is to create an international standard that banking regulators can use when creating regulations about how much capital banks need to put aside to guard against the types of financial and operational risks banks face.
  • Satyam recalls 1,500 onsite staff
    Troubled software exporter Satyam Computer Services has called back more than 1,500 overseas employees, attached to projects that are being shut down due to termination of contract by clients, said a senior company executive who asked not to be named.
  • Satyam says looking to trim senior management
    “Two managers have gone. We do not have a number but it is likely more will go,” Archana Muthappa, head of media relations in India said over telephone. “It is part of a rationalisation of the organisation structure.”
  • When are you required to have a commercial MySQL license?
    # The GPL allows you to run a for-profit business on MySQL. # The GPL allows you to modify the MySQL source code in any way you want. # The GPL allows you to sell MySQL. # The GPL allows you to redistribute MySQL. # The GPL allows you to redistribute your modifications of MySQL.
  • Forrester Details Strengths, Weaknesses of EDW Power Players
    Forrester’s recent “Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Warehousing Platforms, Q1 2009″ assesses EDW offerings from IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. Netezza Corp., Oracle Corp., SAP AG, Sybase Inc., and Teradata Corp. It finds that a quartet of players — IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Teradata — lead the overall pack, with SAP and Sybase posting growth as well. (Perhaps not coincidentally, the DW packages of all four vendors are also based on creditable RDBMS underpinnings.) The Forrester report reveals key vendor strengths for performance, scalability, value, and growth.
  • i2: A Nice Software Surprise
    In terms of selected fundamentals that we looked at in our screens the cash flow yield is 33%, the Cash Flow to Debt Coverage came out at 0.71 and the technical indicators are definitely showing plenty of positive momentum (see the chart below).

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