Enterprise headlines and summaries, 2009-02-01

Enterprise headlines, 2009-02-01

  • Security through obscurity – object names
    So next time when you are starting to think about table name like C12, numeric column names, column names in quotes or something like that, don’t be shy! Use the complete power of obscurity, so making your db more secure. If you’d try hard enough, you’d reach perfection when obscurity is so great that nobody, even you, won’t be able to understand anything ;) And I wasn’t even suggesting to replace DUAL in your schema ;)
  • Performance Impact of NOT NULL Constraint in PL/SQL
    The reason the NOT NULL Constraint incurs performance cost is: As x is constriant by NOT NULL, the value of the expression “x + i” is first assigned to a temporary variable, this temporary variable is validated against nullity. If the variable is not null, its value is assigned to “x”, otherwise an exception is raised. So, this is where the extra time is consumed when one applies NOT NULL constraint in PL/SQL.
  • Microsoft: Layoffs for Some, Visas for Others
    A longtime advocate for more skilled immigration, Microsoft continues to ask Congress to lift caps on the H-1B visa program for highly skilled workers and offer more green cards to foreign-born talent. As recently as Jan. 5, the company posted a policy proposal on President Obama’s transition Web site requesting that the government “remove caps that bar entry into the U.S. by high-skilled immigrants.” Several weeks later, on a Jan. 22 earnings conference call, the company announced plans to eliminate 5,000 jobs in research and development, information technology, marketing, sales, finance, legal, and human resources over the next 18 months, as well as thousands of contract jobs.

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